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Comdex Defense
Comdex Defense
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Government Sector:  We serve the public sector — government agencies, international governmental agencies, institutions, and infrastructure organizations worldwide — providing a broad range of management consulting, engineering, information technology, and systems development/integration services. Comdex’s public sector work has a significant impact — enhancing the national security, economic well-being, and health and safety of countries around the world.


COMDEX has been working hand-in-hand with the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT) with the heads of States Securities for more than three (4) years providing special police training and training host country nationals in parts of MENA Regions – as well as mobilization, overall program management, operational support, emergency response unit, base security and transition to any companies. Additionally, we have proven our abilities through contracts of similar scope, such as training and providing of the Personal Security Detail (PSD). We have assisted in the development of numerous programs of instruction and logistics plans, and built training facilities and ranges; acquired training materials; and conducted individual and unit training.

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