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Founder of Comdex. Selected the “Phoenix” as their main form of branding. The initial logo depicted a Phoenix silhouette expanding its Wings over a Triangle as Technology base for a company. It is this Phoenix which has been used continually. The first logo was perceived as complex and typical to view. The Triangle mark was introduced by Mr. Farazad for symbolizing the seduction of customers as well as the marketplace. This monochrome version was later replaced with a colored symbol. This depicted the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes of Knowledge. It inspires people to pursue their wishes. Not a deliberate goal in the beginning, but it boosted the business and made the consumers consider Comdex as their future.


Comdex Enterprises was established in 2005 by Sean Michael Farazad; one of the prominent forward thinkers of the 21st century. He revolutionized Security for Data Centers before Data Centers became todays tool for Ecommerce or life online, and set forth new standards for the contemporary style. The New design will bring different reach of our business with time into our future.  Comdex as the corporate name became the symbol of elegance, integrity, style, efficiency, green technologies, brand designs, synonymous with wealth and elitism. It set the standards for international modernizing industry in focused markets. The new logo is been designed by Farazad Productions to continue greatness through- out test of times and it will remains unchanged for years to come.

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