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Comdex Bespoke Living
Comdex Bespoke Living
Comdex Bespoke Living


Today, the word "luxury" has been degraded by overuse. But for experienced, demanding luxury travelers, "luxury hotel" has to mean something specific, because guests paying high hotel rates to have a right to expect high standards of hospitality: in service, in rooms, in dining, true experience of exceptional demanding services, full concierge services and in everything else a remarkable hotel offers. 
As the Chairman & CEO of COMDEX, I will put my name on the world’s first GREEN Water Front Luxury Hotel “One of Kind Luxury Commercial Space”. Utilizing our company’s Green Cement Technology “CERATECH.MENA a Cement, Inc.” company, we are assured to be Green from the start.  
The hospitality industry generally accepts hotel star ratings designated by Forbes (formerly Mobil), by AAA, and other critically-minded organizations. Yet there are no set standards for "luxury hotels," and both four-star and five-star hotels generally describe themselves as "luxury."  However, FARAZAD HOTEL’s will soon change these standards by providing services no other Hotel or Resort will be able to afford to offer.  
The distinctive modernized design and its silhouette of our future Hotel are more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern-day Luxury Services.
Yet for all the wonder what kind of stunning structure provides such Luxurious jewel in the cost lines of Florida in the short distance future and when you finally see it in person, it is the service within our organisation that will really make our family and company proud to be extraordinary.

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