Sean M. Farazad started his business career in an office he shared with his father, M. Farazad, on Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, Maryland. He worked with his father for five years, where they were busy making deals together. Mr. Farazad has stated, “My father has always been my mentor.”  Mr. Farazad has also stated leaders such as Mr. Barry Stien, Mr. Jason Smolen, and others have made a tremendous impact in shaping his destiny.   Coming from design, manufacturing, and construction industry background has provided enough knowledge to reinvent business solutions worldwide.  Mr. Farazad then entered into a very different world in Loudoun Country Virginia the birth of Internet-based technologies.


Mr. Farazad, has a 25+ year proven track record in multiple industries and various organizations from Fortune 100 to Government. Currently, Sean is the Chairman & CEO of Comdex Enterprises.  Over the last ten years, Comdex has specialized  Telecom, Internet & Security through its ownership of  Multiple International patents in big data analysis, business optimization intelligence and marketing.  Comdex has been the recipient of multiple awards from DHS, Oracle and ESRI for superior leadership, Sean successfully led a major internet-based engine company as the main contractor, an unprecedented in the marketing and advertising industry, which directly impacts a public stock by 100% growth and placement of Abovenet into “InformationWeek top 500 innovators” list.  Sean over the years has become a strategic negotiator for developing multiple partnership programs resulting in multi-million dollar business opportunities in the MEA region.  He has advised and achieved corporate IT modernization investment planning – cost reduction (TCO), increase ROI and performance, including build vs. buy for large system acquisitions, including approval, prioritization and project portfolio control as they relate to the selection, acquisition, development, and installation of major information systems related to cloud base CRM, ERP and BYOD corporate strategic plan.  Sean has studied abroad and has a degree in International Business Management:  Currently serving on the board of directors of Department of Pediatrics @ Georgetown University.


Sean is the very definition of the American success story. He has continually set new standards of excellence while expanding his interests nationally and internationally. Mr. Farazad and Partners are personally involved in everything that his name represents. This commitment has made him the pre-eminent entrepreneur and future Green developer of the quality real estate known around the world, and in all his endeavors the Farazad gold standard is apparent. He is the archetypal businessman—a deal maker without peer and an ardent philanthropist.


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